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Two Free Coaching and Negotiation Skills Business Training Videos
November 06, 2014

How are your coaching skills?

Dear Colleagues,

In every line of work, we need to coach others and as the famous quote goes: "You get in life what you negotiate". On the basis of this, Business Online Learning has published two training videos on the topics.

We invite you to take the time out to look through these videos. They are for free and contain a lot of very useful tips.

We have also just published our series of "Introduction to Quality Basics" videos and training material. These are great for any business wanting to train all their staff in Quality Concepts as per ISO9000 requirements.

At the very least you will know that all of your staff will have the same level of training. To that, these videos can be stopped and repeated as the participant wishes and can be completed on people's smartphones, for example during commuting. No downtime. To ensure learning, there is also a test accompanying the course.

And all this at a low budget.

See the attached introduction video for the details of the course contents.

Hoping all is well with you, Best wishes,


PS: Please let us know if you or your business would be interested in further training materials from us.

Bite-sized Business Training on How to Coach Others

10 Methods of Clarifying Problems When Negotiating

Introduction Video To Quality Basics Course

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