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Certificate to Introduction To Quality Concepts - Online Training
March 20, 2015

Looking For Training In The Basics Of Quality Management?

Hello to all,

This is just to quickly let you know that the course with certificate on:

"Introduction To Quality Concepts"

is now available.

At no risk to you (Money Back Guarantee), this course offers a wide basis upon which you can build your expertise on Quality Management.

People are calling this exact course "A Great Find" and "Amazing". See the testimonials for more comments.

The course has

- 11 Audio Videos (About 110 Minutes of Video Training)

- 1 "Quality Worker Challenge" Instruction with work-sheet

- 1 PDCA Template

- 1 Cause and Effect Template

- 1 Test on Course content. When this is passed successfully, the student receives a

- Course Certificate.

You can check out all the details here.
Introduction To Quality Concepts Training

Mind yourselves,


PS: For groups we are offering a decent discount of up to 50% depending on the size of the group. Just contact us for the group discount. It will be worth it!

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