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Are You Prepared For 2015?
November 25, 2014

10 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Personnel

Dear Friends,

Yes! I know, I am very early talking about the new year. But hey, planning ahead is half way to being successful. "Fail to Plan, plan to fail" and all that.

I would like a Christmas present from you! Could you tell me straight up, no holds barred, what you think of the material I have produced for you this year?

Sometimes working online can feel like a vacuum. So....I would genuinely appreciate some nod of the head. Do you think you could do that? Tell me what you like and then, what you don't like (if there is anything! :-) ).

Last night I published the latest video on Youtube and would like to invite you to watch it. It is just over 6 minutes long and gives 10 ways how you can motivate staff. It should help trigger off some ideas as to how you can improve other people's workplaces and get more done with more motivated personnel.

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I hope you are all well and not getting into the Season's stress too much!

Mind yourselves,

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