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September 02, 2014

How good are your presenting skills?

Hello to everyone around the world,

This last week we finalized a Business Training on how to improve on your Business Presentation Skills. This is mainly for use when you are using powerpoint slides to present some concept, case study or training.

Have a look, it takes 9 minutes and 58 seconds and once again, it is for free. How To Give Business Presentations - like a Pro! I really hope you like it! Kind regards


PS: If you do like it, could you comment? It gets awfully lonely here in front of my laptop, not knowing.... :-)

PPS: Keep a look out for this week's additions on Business Humor and more "Brainteasers and the Answers".

Guidebook On How To Write A Business Introduction Letter

I was also successful in publishing this book as a Kindle Book on Amazon this week.

Very Useful for anyone needing to write to potential customers introducing their businesses. With plenty choices in the formulation of such letters, style questions, etc.

It is on sale for just under 3 US Dollars or 3 Euros, which is a steal. It is a good book for anyone who is a bit self-conscious about writing formal business letters and wants to get it right first time! Here is the link to the Kindle Version

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