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Two Quick Topics Today
September 30, 2014

10 Minute Training Video on How To Do A Great Presentation

Dear Colleagues,

Don't you just wish that every day had 48 hours!

Time is precious these days, so I will keep myself brief. Here is a 10 minute video that a lot of people are finding very useful. It gives a lot of tips and tricks on how to present a business presentation well. (Useful if you have to present material privately as well). So get your free training today.

We would love to know how you find it! So do make a comment, please, we would love the support.

Also, did you know that ISO9000 are bringing out a new version of the Quality Standard at the end of 2015. In the draft forms that are available, there are several mentions of Knowledge Management. We have a lot of material prepared on this topic in our "Strategies" section. Do let us know if you would like specific training on how this can apply to your Quality Management System.

Best wishes as always!


PS: In the next weeks, we will be publishing our new training on "Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Quality Management". Please let us know if you or your business would be interested in taking this training.

Your Training Video

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