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Highly Recommended Business Books - "Must-Reads"
December 04, 2014

Looking For A Good Business Book?

Dear Friends,

Have you ever stood in a bookstore and wondered what to get? Have you ever purchased a book, only to find out when you got home, that it was not worth the time or money spent?

Well, perhaps this list will help. Maybe to get that special Christmas present?

We surveyed in several LinkedIn expert groups what books people would call a "Must - Read" and asked why.

Here are the results.

So, before you waste your time and money looking long and hard only to end up getting the wrong book, check these out. They are called "Must Reads".

Note too, that I have added a direct link to Amazon at the end of the page to enable you to get to that book more easily. This is at zero extra cost to you. Amazon, however, will "donate" a tiny sum to us if you buy through this link. Just being upfront with you, so that you know.

I hope this helps you get ready to have a lovely Christmas season.

Mind yourselves,


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