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Apply Creative & Fun Methods in Your Daily Business
June 04, 2014

Have you got time for fun in business?

This month’s Ezine takes you towards fun methods of

- Brain-training

- Selective Reading

- Creative Problem Solving

- Parables, Stories and Metaphors for Business

- Using Quotes in Strategy and Communication

- Building that ideal Problem Statement.

Since we last wrote to you, a lot of material has been produced to introduce these topics to you. Our fun-filled page on Brainteasers and their answers has received a lot of response right across the board. We followed this up with a super collection of Business Parables, Stories and Metaphors that you can use in either coaching others or addressing some problem situations.

As part of our Time Management Programme we have produced a video on how to get a handle on reading more effectively. In the video, there are some great and easy steps how to manage what you are reading better and thereby, your time management skills. A lot of people were responding to the quotes we have been putting on our pages, so we have put these into two freely available videos on Youtube. These can be useful in polishing off presentations or training that you may wish to do.

Finally, as part of our Quality Management Programme, we are providing another free video which will help you define your problem in a “Problem Statement”. We have been having a lot of very positive feedback on this, so we hope you like it! Further, we have updated our pages on:

- List of Recommended Books

- Time Management Reading skills

- Business Humour or Humor

And last, but not least, we have added a free template and training on how to carry out a Competitor Analysis and the 7Ps of Marketing Mix.

We certainly hope that you find some material here to get you ahead in your workplace, or indeed in your private lives. Let us know how you are getting on – or indeed, if there are any areas that you would like to see us cover.

Facebook / Business Online Learning

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Facebook wants to increase their advertising revenue by limiting the exposure of Business Pages. If you would like to see what updates we are posting, please click a like or comment on anything we have posted. Sorry about that! Business Online Learning on Facebook

Google Plus / Business Online Learning Community

Here on Google Plus we are really finding an ever-increasing and lively community. There is a lot happening and the quality of the information there is very high. If you would like to join our community on Google Plus, here is the address. Do check it out, as there is a lot of good things happening there in comparison to other places. :-) Business Online Learning Community on Google Plus

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Books, Templates, Trainings

This is just to let you know that we have one central page for our Resources and Downloads. Although we have called it “Shop” most of the material there is for free, so do have a look, you may well find something you really need there. (lots of Freebies there!) Business Online Learning SHOP

Re-structuring Continues

.... So we are introducing a short overview of how we have re-structured our Business Skills Learning for you. This way you should find it easier to find what you need in Management Skills:

We now have six focused groups:

And if you don’t find something you need? Let us know. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Our Last Ebook "How to Write a Business Introduction Letter

Still at 5.97 Euros.

Very Useful for anyone needing to write to potential customers introducing their businesses. With plenty choices in the formulation of such letters, style questions, etc.

Any More?

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In the coming months we will be focusing on two areas: Strategy Development Process and Quality Management Auditing. In the next Newsletter we hope to announce a lot of new material for you again!


We would really appreciate people letting us know in which areas they would like to see material provided. So we invite you to ask for particular materials you may need.

So thank you very much for taking the time to read our newsletter.

We hope this finds you all well and doing great in your professions,

Kind regards
Managing Director Business Online Learning

Preview of the Parables

Preview of the Brainteasers

Preview of Humour

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