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March 08, 2014

Good customers deserve the best!

Dear Folks!

Well, I did promise I would not spam you! Finally another Newsletter from us!

So what has been happening with you since?

Here at Business Online Learning, we have been very busy.

This week alone we have produced three new free videos. If you have a chance, do check them out.

One is for the International Women’s Day, where we give the guidelines on how to dress professionally as a woman. Business Fashion For Women: Tips & Advice on Professional Dress Code

The next video is the first in our series of Problem Solving Videos and starts with the defining your problem. In 4 minutes, it gives you a really good technique on how to “make your problem Statement” – which is, as we all know, halfway to finding a good solution. What is A Problem Statement

On the website, we have been working hard on the topic of Quotes. Our page on Communication Quotes has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from people we have shared it with. What was the most fascinating about the work we did on this was researching the background of the people who made the quotes!

Did you know:

Rania Al Abdullah is actually the Queen of Jordan? Her husband elevated her to the status of Queen, as the husband, the king, has to declare her Queen first. Unfortunately her mother-in-law did not have that luck and remained a princess all her life. George Bernhard Shaw died at the age of 96 from complications arising from a fall from a ladder. That said a lot about the power of the man for me!

Maslow, the author of the famous hierarchical needs pyramid spent his life studying concepts of Self-actualization. Apparently one trigger for this life long search came from his mother, who had him declared mentally unstable when he was a teenager. (Source: Wikipedia)

Edward Murrow was a charismatic journalist, who came to fame with his news broadcasts during the second world war. Up until then, people were only used to reading about the war in the Newspapers. This was technology moving forward when Murrow made his News reports, “This is London Calling”.

Peter Drucker, the writer on management concepts and creator of “Management by Objectives” was subjected to a huge campaign of slander over years. Some reported that this may have had something to do with the fact that he refused to join the Scientology church. (Source: Wikipedia)

You can check out the Video we made on the Quotes at: Quotes On Communication

Facebook / Business Online Learning

Unfortunately, we have to report that the majority of you who would have joined us on Facebook, are not seeing our posts.

Facebook wants to increase their advertising revenue by limiting the exposure of Business Pages. If you would like to see what updates we are posting, please click a like or comment on anything we have posted. Sorry about that! Business Online Learning on Facebook

Google Plus / Business Online Learning Community

Here on Google Plus we are really finding a great community. There is a lot happening and the quality of the information there is very high. If you would like to join our community on Google Plus, here is the address. Do check it out, as there really aren't half the shenanigans going on here in comparison to other places. :-) Business Online Learning Community on Google Plus

LinkedIn Company Page: Business Online Learning

We have now published our Business Page on LinkedIn. If you are a fan of LinkedIn, we would love if you could join us there by following our page. Business Online Learning Company Page on LinkedIn

Books, Templates, Trainings

This is just to let you know that we have one central page for our Resources and Downloads. Although we have called it “Shop” most of the material there is for free, so do have a look, you may well find something you really need there. (lots of Freebies there!) Business Online Learning SHOP

.... So we are introducing a short overview of how we have re-structured our Business Skills Learning for you. This way you should find it easier to find what you need in Management Skills: We now have six focused groups:

And if you don’t find something you need? Let us know. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Our Latest Ebook

Any More?

Check out our current resources (Templates, videos, etc.) store.

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What’s Next?

In the coming months we will be focusing on two areas: Problem Solving Skills and Quality Management. In the next Newsletter we hope to announce a lot of new materials for you!


We would really appreciate people letting us know in which areas they would like to see material provided. So we invite you to ask for particular materials you may need.

So thank you very much for taking the time to read our newsletter. We hope this finds you all well and doing great in your professions,

Kind regards
Managing Director Business Online Learning

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