Are You Losing Opportunities
Because You Lack
That Quality Training?

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Don’t lose that valuable opportunity (new job or new contract) because effective problem-solving methods or customer relations techniques aren't in place and Quality concepts not integrated into your work!

Get your fundamental understanding here and kick-start the improvements in your work with our online learning course:

Introduction To
Quality Management Concepts

10 Questions To Help You Decide

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If you can answer these 10 questions, you don't need this course!

Overcome Problems Successfully 
By Up-Skilling 
In Quality Management Methods!

Why not leverage your own abilities or the abilities of your team with the knowledge you will gain here?  

As an individual, Get That Quality Training and give your work that better foundation for success. With this training you will be able to make more valuable contributions in discussions and decision making at work. You will impress people with your new level of knowledge and... 

Increase your chances of the next promotion. 

As a Manager, you can help your company comply with ISO9000 requirements as staff are trained in Quality. Remember too! If everyone has the same training, you will all have the same understanding of Quality and as a team, you will move forward faster.

You will harness the strength in your team while boosting staff confidence. 

For What Level Is This Course Suitable?

If you are new to quality, an entry-level practitioner, or in a role supporting the practice of Quality Management, well, this course is for you.

If you are a Manager, wondering how you can train your staff in Quality Basics, well, this course is for you. 

It is ideal.

     SALE NOW ON.     Price reduced from 69.95 E per student to 49.95 E   

Detailed Benefits Of Doing This Training

  1. Get greater approval during ISO9000 Certification Audits when you show this certificate in Quality Training.
  2. Develop a greater understanding of the Costs involved in Quality; how to categorize them; how to use this knowledge in your decisions and plans. 
  3. Make valuable contributions to your work as you suggest improved and more systematic approaches to planning or problem solving (using the Plan Do Check Act Approach and the Cause and Effect Analysis). 
  4. Understand the foundations of quality; where the ideas came from; who developed them and how they came about. 
  5. Create a basis for Quality Management upon which you can build. Win a forward looking approach to Quality.
  6. Improve workflows with that basic knowledge of Process Mapping and Process Management. 
  7. Develop a far greater understanding of the important points in Quality. 
  8. Gain an understanding of Customer Relationships.
  9. Understand the concepts of Business Excellence and how it could be applied in your work. 
  10. Get new ideas and become innovative in your work. 

And finally, as an added Bonus:

11.  Take the Quality Worker Challenge! A self-development methodology added to the course to help people improve their approach in work. 

Just imagine adding this

Quality Management Certificate

to your resumè, 

or as a manager, showing that all staff are trained

–  within such a Reasonable Budget! (Up to 50% Discount for groups)

with Quality Training by a Quality Expert.

Course Contents 

1. The Meaning of Quality

2. The History of Quality

3.  What are Quality Assurance Systems?

4.  An Introduction to TQM

5.  An Introduction To Malcolm Baldrige / EQA Awards

6. Talking about the Cost Of Quality (CoQ)

7. Introduction to Customer Relations

8. Understanding the PDCA Approach

9. Understanding the Power of The Cause and Effect Analysis

10. Introduction To Process Management

11. Learning about the Quality Experts

Some Visual Samples Of The Training Material

The Meaning Of Quality
The History Of Quality
Quality Management Systems
Concepts of TQM
Malcolm Baldrige Award
The Costs Of Quality
Intro To Customer Relations
PDCA or Deming Cycle
Cause And Effect Diagram
Process Management

     SALE NOW ON.     Price reduced from 69.95 E per student to 49.95 E   

Will This Course Be too Hard For You? 

It is my promise to you that this material is prepared and presented for you in such a way that will make understanding everything within everyone’s reach. 

Should you have any questions, I am easily accessible

– I am just an email away

Knowledge is key and it always makes a difference. At the very least, knowledge helps people make better decisions and better contributions to work being done.  

The work will improve and the feeling of confidence too!

Will You Have Time For This Course?

Total time of training material - 100 minutes in 11 modules which give you:

Optimal byte-sized training modules that can be watched on your Smartphone or Desktop - whenever the opportunity presents itself – in the gym, in the bath or the bus queue - making optimal use of your time.

No Downtime Needed.  No Expensive Travel Costs

You can view the videos whenever, wherever and as often as you want.

You decide! 

Will This Course Work For You? 

These training videos offer Audio as well as Visual access to the information. 

There are over 30 years of experience in Quality Management integrated into the course, both with the structure of the training course as well as the basic material. 

The course has 

- 11 Audio Videos 

- 1 "Quality Worker Challenge" Instruction with work-sheet

- 1 PDCA Template

- 1 Cause and Effect Template

- 1 Test on Course content. When this is passed successfully, the student receives a 

- Course Certificate. 

     SALE NOW ON.     Price reduced from 69.95 E per student to 49.95 E   

Can I Trust This Training Provider?

Course Trainer Martha Begley Schade, B.Sc., MBA

Starting out in my career, I was always awestruck by those who knew more than I did. I admired their ability to quickly understand the bigger picture. So I became determined to learn. It did not take long to realize that only people with a real understanding of the matter, can explain it in such a way that it is easily understandable

This is my work – and it is based on over 30 years Quality Management Experience in companies right around Europe, United States and Asia. My Mission is to make this material ready and available for you - but in a very understandable way. 

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I am a green belt in Lean Six Sigma, an EFQM Assessor as well as a qualified practitioner of certifying businesses to ISO9000.

To add to this, I have a certificate in Business Coaching and Kepner Tregoe Problem Solving techniques and a distinction in German language proficiency from the Goethe Institute.

I really wish I had this course when I was starting out!

Is This Course Worth It? 

On two levels this course is ideal

For one the course explains a lot of concepts all about Quality Management. 

And secondly, have you seen what my competitors are charging for the same thing?


Customers who have compared my course to the competitors,

found mine the better. 

What Other Customers Have Said: 

"This course is a great find"

......Alessandra Gonzales, Munich, Germany

"This is really impressive"

..........Gelika Papp, Marseilles, France

"I have learned so much in such a short time, I can't wait for more"

.........Karl Graf, Hamburg, Germany

"I have searched for a basics course such as this and am delighted I have taken this"

..........Claudia Kern, Stuttgart, Germany

"Now I can join in conversations with the knowledgeable people and play my part"

.....Finola Mahony, Arizona, USA

"Loved the course, thank you! Well worth the investment!"

........ Deirdre Murphy, Dublin, Ireland

Letter From A Happy Student

Hi Martha

I would just like to send a few lines to say how amazing i thought this course was.

I found the concept of the course very easy to follow and loved the fact you could print out the booklet and make notes as you were going through the course.

I did not find the course very time consuming which was brilliant and it flowed throughout.

I'm so happy that I passed this course and I learned so much. I will definitely be recommending this course to other work colleagues and friends.

Thank you for all your help.

Kind Regards

Lorraine Kelly

I'm A Busy Person,
Will This Take Up Too Much Of My Time?

You can take all steps one after the other – or take an individual module whenever you have 10 minutes to spare, making

optimal use of your time

What Do You Risk If You Do This Course?

No Risk Guarantee


We are so convinced of the quality of our work,

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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