Total Quality Management Tools

- A Handy List -

Here is a simple and handy list of the Total Quality Management Tools that are possible for each aspect of your TQM Approach. 

As mentioned, the exact approach has to be fitting to the style in your company as you own specific culture will impact on their success of failure

For this I have taken the headings I used in the TQM Process stage. 

But first a famous quote from Howard Newton. In this you will see the definition of Quality as he saw it. I added this because the quality of the work you will do, will depend entirely on the choice of tools you use - so choose wisely. React quickly if one of the tools or methods you are using is inefficient. 

Quote by Howard Newton on QualityQuote By Howard Newton on Quality

Commitment And Leadership Of Senior Management

  • A Vision from Top Management for TQM
  • A TQM Coordinators whose role and responsibility is clearly laid out. 
  • TQM Steering Committee who oversees the effectiveness of the TQM
  • Clear Communication strategy

Planning And Organisation

Using Quality Management Tools And Techniques

Education And Training on Your Total Quality management Tools

  • Training on the job specifics (down to even basic numeracy skills)
  • Training on the Quality Tools and Techniques
  • Training to achieve an understanding of the company’s approach to TQM
  • Skills development (according to the strategic aims of the company)

Involvement Tools or Methods

  • Suggestion Schemes
  • Teamwork
  • Quality Circles 
  • Quality Improvement Programmes

Measurement And Feedback

  • Balanced Scorecard or Strategy map inclusion.
  • Customer Satisfaction Ranking and Rating
  • Annual Awards for Improvements

Working Co-operatively

  • Performance indicators measurement
  • Personal skills training for middle management
  • Clear Communication channels.


I would use the above listing as ideas for areas upon which you need to make decisions and reach for the necessary resources in order to make them a viable part of your TQM system. 

Each business will have its own approach and this is why this list is as it is. A checklist of ideas that you can use for your benefit. 

Try it out - and if you wish, contact us for advice.. 

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