Gap Analysis Guidelines

Although a Gap Analysis is one of the simplest methodologies in Business Analysis, it is indeed one of the most effective ways. You use this analysis method to determine action items you may need to implement to improve the situation you are analyzing.

It is not a difficult technique but more a logical step that should never be overlooked. For me, it is a favorite or a "must-have" technique.

They can be used to explore problem areas and subsequently, define the steps forward (or the strategy) you want to take.

Gap Analysis

A simple method that first takes stock of the current state you have.

You then evaluate the desired state. What is the goal, the dream, the target. The answer to the question "Where would we like to be?". 

You then analyse the difference between the two states. 

This difference is naturally then the "GAP".

Now comes the most important step: Now, you determine the action items or steps you think will help you close that gap. 

These gaps represent promising areas for creative input also. So be creative when deciding how to close that difference!

Note: the more clearly you define your desired state, the better your end results will be. As you then measure where possible the current state and then evaluate the difference between the two that forms this Gap.

Measuring Your Current and Desired State

Using numerical measures will make your life so much easier. As always, having numbers to compare to numbers in your assessment of current state to the desired state, just makes it all the easier. 

You may want to check out this video to get an idea of what I mean: 

Concluding Your Gap Analysis

The successful conclusion of a Gap Analysis is a list of Action Items – things to be done that will enable the desired state to be reached.

In particular, when you are trying to win over Management support, this can be a very effective way as it gives a quickly communicated representation of the situation.

A really sweet way to carry out your analysis.

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Guidelines on the GAP Analysis