Dimensions Of Quality 

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There are many dimensions of Quality and they can be confusing, especially when you are new to the topic. 

Here we intend to provide you with the basics and the details to become an expert in the area you are involved in. 

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Introduction To Dimensions Of Quality:

Here are some of the basic ideas behind Quality Management.

To start off, we look at the basic definitions behind Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management.

Definition of Quality assurance

Definition of Quality Assurance

Definition of Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management Definition

Quality Management Tools

These tools are the most commonly used techniques in the implementation of a Quality System in a business. 

Each one of them have many purposes and can be well utilized for a multitude of topics, including problem solving, strategy development, continuous improvement and six sigma approaches.  

Pareto Analysis

Pareto Analysis

Quality Circles

Quality Circles

Check Sheets

Check Sheets

Critical To Quality Tree

Critical To Quality Tree

Fishbone Diagram

Cause and Effect Diagram

Specific Quality Management Articles

Here we talk specifics! Specifics about the Quality Management in certain areas or functions of the business. 

Supplier Quality Management

Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement


Top Ten Myths About ISO 9000

Free Quality Management Training

In the following pages, we go through the main aspects of Quality Management including background information to the approach taken during certification. 

Should more information be needed, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be very glad to help. 

Quality Management Training

What is Quality Management exactly?

Quality Management Concepts

Quality Management Certification Process

Getting to Certification of Quality

Writing Your Quality Policy

Quality Management Manual

Quality System Review

Quality Management Tools

Supplier Quality

Quality Management Survival. 

Free Tutorial on Total Quality Management

These pages will give you a clear picture of what is involved in the topic of Total Quality Management.

Total Quality Management is an exciting area and it is well worth equipping yourself with the knowledge of what it entails.

So, grab your free training here! 

Total Quality Management Training

What Is Total Quality Management? 

What is involved in the TQM Process.

The Thinkers & Philosophies behind TQM 

How a TQM Culture expresses itself. 

The Pitfalls of TQM

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