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With 160 pages and counting, all full of information on work skills (also some fun pages), I intend to make as much information as possible available to you on this website, so you can future-proof your career, and succeed, both professionally and personally.

So, get your toolbox of methods, techniques and concepts started right here and make your future happen!

With this website, I want to give you my insider know-how on….

How to map a process in any imaginable situation.

How to evaluate which information should flow to whom, and how (Information Flow)

How to use an influence diagram in any scenario, personal or work-based.

How to critically assess any information you receive (fake news?)

Ideas how to motivate others.

How to best write a formal business letter – with style.

How to manage your time – or at least try to.

Different techniques you can use to solve problems (building your toolbox).

Understanding why Quality Management is important and what the keys to success are.

Understanding what a system is – no matter what context – and how you can use this concept.

Knowing how to write a report well.

How to command any goal-setting situation by knowing how to do a Gap Analysis.

Understanding how you (and others) learn best by understanding “learning styles”.

And much more.

Just click on “Find Your Topic” on the top bar to see what is currently available.

In the "Training library", you will find free and fee-based courses and guidebooks, I have created for you.

My dream is that you take the tools, methods or concepts provided here to your workplace, try them out and see how well you do.

My dear, late father was a carpenter and he always said to me: “Martha, you need two things to be able to build a shelf properly, first you need the right tools and second, you need the know-how how to use them right”.

I think he nailed it – if you pardon the pun.

He was so right! You need the right tools to do the job right.

Let’s get started!

Main 6 Sections of Business Training Material