Problem Solving Activities

A Quote from Einstein on Problem solvers

Here are some ideas for Problem solving activities that you can undertake to practice – before you go out into the real world, testing it before you impress!

Quick and easy learning.

Problem Solving Activities

Try These Problem Solving Activities

  1. Draw out a relationship diagram of your close friends.
  2. Carry out your own SWOT analysis on your own strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  3. Practice a flow chart on how you make a sandwich.
  4. Draw a mind map on what are the key points to remember when forming a Quality circle.
  5. Create a diagram showing how the Information flows within the place you work. Where does the information come from and where does it go to?
  6. Create a flowchart of the main job that you do.
  7. Create an input-output diagram of the job you do (not just information).
  8. Name the main generic steps there are in Problem-Solving.
  9. Draw up an activity chart on your own education.
  10. Think of the last time you moved home or had a major change in your life. What were the forces that were exerted? What forces let to you moving; the driving forces? And which assets supported the change you undertook? What could have changed the outcome?
  11. Draw a Systems Map about your hobby. What belongs inside the boundary: belongs to the hobby, what is a part of that hobby but you don’t engage with that, etc.


1. Set yourself to spend 20 Minutes of your time trying out a technique.

2. Some people prefer to use cream coloured paper instead of white. They can read better from that colour.

3. Get your best pens. Coloured pens - and use them.

4. Go for IT!!

5. Contact us if you need help.

Good Luck!


Try out some of these methods at least once, several times if you wish to become an expert. It is amazing how practising these Problem Solving Activities can make you more capable and efficient.

If you have tried out something and aren't happy with the results, contact us for help.

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