Self Management Skills
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There are many aspects to Self Management Skills. Below we list the most important, but first, a quote from Dwight Moody to get you in the right mindset.

Quote on the Shining of Lighthouse

Self Management Skills

Self Management Skills

This set of pages on Self Management Skills aims to equip you with a couple of key skills in any job, no matter where you work.

You may have seen our page on Your Personal Strategy?

If you have completed the process, you will by now have a clear idea of areas you would like to develop in.

As with any project the first step is to plan properly. This will involve being very clear about the steps you wish to take.

Apart from your personal commitment to work, time is probably your most precious asset and as a manager you must learn to use that as effectively as possible.

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Here are further aspects that may interest you!

Planning and Time Management

In time management, it is important to have a method that allows you to have a clear overview on

-          Today’s agenda

-          The agenda for this week

-          This month’s agenda

-          A yearly plan.

If you have all these and see a satisfactory match between time required and time available, you are managing your time properly.

If not, you need to start setting priorities. This means that some issues on lower priority may not be done or be addressed. Make sure that the consequences that happen when something is not done is worked into the prioritisation.


A good reality check is important in your self appraisal. Is your environment conducive or supportive of you reaching your goals? What about a good old clean-up or a general overhaul? If you decide to study with us, have you the right equipment and the time available?

Are you getting the right support from those in your environment? Which support systems do you have? Have you considered the concept of Life Balance? This is where you ensure you have stress free times allotted to yourself in your weekly plan. How is your personal fitness? Do you have fitness included in your plans? If not, could you manage a 20 minute walk somewhere every day?

Contingency Planning

Self Management Skills box also includes an approach to contingency planning. Even in the best managed processes, things can go wrong, usually because there are factors beyond your control which will influence the process.

Are you prepared for the worst? High extra workload, illness of yourself or family, unforeseen environmental disasters, company goes into liquidation, unexpected unemployment, etc.


To be a good leader or manager, you have to start at home, right on your own doorstep. This means developing your own Self Management Skills. 

How you manage yourself and the degrees of Self-Discipline you exercise. 

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Quote on Learning.

These Skills have to be learned. 

If you have your goals set out by doing your Personal strategy, now carry out the assessment in the following pages in order to set priorities on which skills you most need to develop to become an effective manager. 

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