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What is Coaching, What is it not.

This article is about what is coaching, and what it is not.

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Cognitive Learning Style

Get An Understanding Of Your Cognitive Learning Style And Become A Better Manager. By Understanding Yourself And Others Better, You will Be More Successful.

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Critically Questioning Information

Data Manipulation Is Second Nature In Business, So How Good Are You At Critically Questioning Information? Get Advice Here.

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Business Training Library

With This Business Training Library, You Have Quick Access To Expertise And Experience, At Your Finger Tips

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Efficient Time Management

Efficient Time Management Skills Include Dividing Up Large Tasks Into Bite-sized Manageable Parts. Learn How To Do This Here.

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Managing The Generation Millennial

Is Managing The Generation Millennial A Brain Drain Or A Brain Gain. Interesting Insights Into Life With Millennials

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Study Skills Strategies

Need a certain boost to your Study Skills Strategies? Take this 7 part Study Skills course and diminish Study stress.

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Business Plan Training

Worried or Anxious About Writing Your Business Plan? If Yes, This Business Plan Training Will Take The Guesswork Out Of Writing It. With A Bonus Business Plan Templates

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business plan advice

Looking For business plan advice? Then, Look No Further. Business Plan Coaching Also Available.

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Motivating Personnel - Your 10 Steps To Success

Is Motivating Personnel An Issue For You? Here Are 10 Steps In Getting Your Personnel With You!

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Business Letter Of Introduction: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Do You Need Support Writing Your Business Letter Of Introduction? Our Ebook Is Exactly What You Need: Clear And Concise, We guarantee Success Or Money Back, No Questions Asked!

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Business Introduction Letter

Not Quite Sure How To Approach Writing A Business Introduction Letter? Well, Here Are Some Great Guidelines On Writing That Successful Letter. Check It Out!

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Are You In Need Of A Good Ice-breaker For Teambuilding?

We have just published our latest video on Youtube. It has 15 simple but good brainteasers which will be fun to do and will get your team starting to think outside the box! We hope you love it!

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Business Presentation Ideas

Worried about having to present your business? Get your training and plenty business presentation ideas here.

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How To Coach Other People

Have you ever wondered if you would be a good coach to other people? In this 5 minute video, we go through some really useful tips and suggestions. Have a look to see if this is something you would like to do.

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Brain Teasers and the Answers - A time challenge

Are you ready for a bit of fun as well as exercising of the grey cells?

In this video, you get 20 minutes to see if you can solve 5 Brainteasers.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on - and your friends.

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New Business Training Videos coming out this week!

Just a quick update.

This week we will be publishing several new business training videos on some really interesting topics. Subscribe to the channel if you would like to be automatically updated when they arrive.

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Functional Flow Diagram Guidelines

Learn How To Do A Functional Flow Diagram In 5 Minutes. Optimal For Quick Communication Of Your Ideas. What More Could You Ask For!

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Happy Summer Days!

Grab my Business Training on the more creative side of working or problem solving - while it is still for FREE. The feedback so far has been great. "Love It!""Excellent"

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Free Online Business Training

Excellent Free Online Business Training Just For You! No Costs, No Obligations. Creative Self Development 24/7

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Creative Problem Solving Techniques

Use your Intuition! Get Your Right Brain In These Superb Creative Problem Solving Techniques. Business Training On The Go!

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Storytelling And Metaphors For Business

Be creative and Use These Great Storytelling And Metaphors For Business In An Innovative Approach To Coaching Or Problem Solving.

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What Is My Learning Style?

Ever wondered "What is My Learning Style" and what effects this may have on my role as a manager? Here are some clear guidelines

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Advice On The Management Of Learning

Are you in need of change? How could you trigger this change? Here is some advice on the management of learning. See what you think.

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Funny Brain Teasers And Answers

Have Fun And Challenge Yourself With These Brain Teasers And Answers. Expand Your Problem-Solving Skills!

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Competitor Analysis Template

A Great Competitor Analysis Template, Free For You To Use, With Guidelines On How To Do This Analysis.

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Introduction to the 7Ps Of Marketing Mix

Get Introduced To The 7Ps of Marketing Mix, The Analysis Model And A Free Template.

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10 Ways To Empowering Staff

Do You Need Ideas For Improving Your Workplace? Here Are 10 Successful Ways In Empowering Staff. Try Them Out, You will Be glad You Did!

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Communication Quotes

Which Pearls of Wisdom Are Included In Our Communication Quotes Collection? Come in and find your Favourite!

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Employee Behaviour - How To Deal With Negative Behaviour

It Can Be Difficult Dealing With Negative Employee Behaviour. Here Are Some Steps On How To Deal With Them As Best Possible.

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