Global 8D Problem Solving Process

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Taking The Guesswork Out of Forming Your Team

8D Process D1: Form a Team

In this section of the Global 8d Report we look at the aspects of Forming Your Team

The Target is to form a team with the right people: those with knowledge of the area in question, those willing, capable and competent to do the task.

  • Address the problem with the team
  • Ensure that the right people with the proper know-how of any processes or technical areas involved – also of any techniques used.
  • Each team should have a champion or a Sponsor in Management that can support implementation of corrective actions especially to support decisions when extra Resources are needed.

Go through the following checklist to see that all that is possible is done to ensure this successful start. Start out as you mean to go on! 

Checklist Step 1 of 8d Report 

  • Is your team the right size? (Typically 4 – 10 Members)
  • Are the appropriate people included (those with the Know-how)
  • Are the team members clear about the task at hand?
  • Are the team roles designated? Sponsor, Team Leader, Moderator, Minutes taker, etc.
  • Are sufficient resources available such as meeting rooms, finances, projector, etc.
  • Are the exact targets, including time-frame, clear to the team?
  •  Are all members clear about the task, any limitations, degree of urgency, etc.
  • Are reporting issues clear such as how often, to whom and who should be informed?
  • Are there confidentiality issues?
  • Has the team sufficient support from the management?

Now fill out the first part of the form: 

This is the second section ( D1) of our form. 

8D Report Section D1 Form your Team

This section of the 8d report is to document the exact details of all members of the team. 

It is important to document their details, for one that you know exactly how to contact these people quickly and secondly for legal reasons. 

Should this global 8D process not bring the desired results, this can have legal consequences as the customer may, at most, sue your company or at the very least, move their business elsewhere. 

This template is downloadable from our Resources page.

In the following pages, we will be going through each section and each dimension of the 8d Report.

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