Your Business Plan Training

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Take this Business Plan Training if:

you are having difficulties getting Your Business Plan together,

If you are worried, anxious, unsure or undecided about how to write your Business Plan,

if you have no-one to ask,


if you just need that little support.

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Solve Your Problem -
And Avoid Losing The Opportunity

I am in business to help your business succeed

– so check out the resources I have prepared for you.

I have 3 possibilities for you:


My Training Package complete with a free business plan template. With this, I have added a bonus training on Cash flow budgets as well as a template you can use to set up your own and to add to your business plan. See below...


I can review your business plan for you and give you suggestions for improvement. This will cost you a single price of 50 Euros ( circa 60 US $) and you will receive a report detailing exactly where you could improve or tweak your plan. Please use Contact Me to set this up.

* Note: All information exchanged will be dealt with under complete confidentiality. 


I can do it for you!

This is the premium package and will depend on the size of your project. As only few places are available, feel free to avail of the offer now. You will receive 

Why Bother?

Your Business plan is too important to get it wrong, so avail of these opportunities and take the guesswork out of writing your plan to success.

I will help you build an accomplished plan and demonstrate your knowledge of your business and the market.

My “Just-in-Time” training gives you the knowledge to make those important decisions.

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Aims Of The Business Plan Training

Aims Of The Training Are:

To give you the overview of what is to be done.

To describe how to do it.

To explain the why’s.

Give you the key points of writing your business plan.

Give you a clear step-by-step approach with which you can write your plan.

Prepare you to work with the template (which you can then individualize).

Give you the language and know-how that is needed when dealing with business plans. 

Order Your Business Plan Training Now 
- And Get Started Immediately

Just imagine! You could be fully trained - with templates - in under 45 minutes.

No downtime. No travel. No further expenses! 

You are in control. 

Like a boss! 

Price: 24.95 E


This Price includes: 

1 Business Plan Online Training (immediately available)

1 Business Plan Template (Microsoft Word) (immediately available)

And 2 FREE BONUS Items

1 Cash Flow Online Training (immediately available)

1 Cash Flow Template (Microsoft Excel) (immediately available)

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