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Hello, and welcome to my Business Training Library

Here you will find all the business training courses I have developed so far. I certainly hope that I have that specific training available for you, that you need. 

If not, please contact me, and I will see what I can do for you! 

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PS: These Training Modules cost just 5 Euros per training!  

How To Do An Affinity Diagram

Price: 5 Euros

The Official Brainstorming Method

Price: 5 Euros

Cause & Effect Analysis

Price: 5 Euros

Data Collection

Price: 5 Euros

How To Use Checksheets

Price: 5 Euros

How To Do Dot Voting

Price: 5 Euros

Forced Ranking

Price: 5 Euros

Process Mapping

Price: 5 Euros

Longer Courses

Training on How To Write A Business Plan

This Elearning Course is for those starting up their businesses. It comes complete with a bonus training on how to set up your Cashflow, as well as templates for both your business plan and your cashflow. 

Price: 25 Euros

Study Skills Course

Price: 15 Euros

This 7 part Elearning is for those who just need that little support in getting their heads around studying. It highlights the different way we all learn and how to study accordingly. With tips and tricks, this 7 part course lasts roughly 2 hours and is well worth it! 

Quality Management Training Course "Introduction To Quality Management"

Current Sale Price: 49,95 Euros

Quality management has many different aspects in it. In this 11-part course, you will learn all the basics you need to be a Quality Management Informed person. From ISO9000 and Cost of Quality, to Malcolm Baldrige Award and PDCA, you will definitely make great strides with this course. 

PS: It comes complete with a test and Certificate of Achievement. 

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