Quality Management Review

The Quality Management Review is the apex of the Quality System and is used to assess the progress and continual improvement of that System.

Top Management meet to assess the performance of the system against the organisations goals and objectives and to decide on what needs to be done to further improve the system.

Quality Management Review Template

Frequency of the Quality Management Review

Typically held once a year, all Quality Reporting is summarized and presented at this meeting so that decisions can be made what the next steps are in the development of the Quality approach of the company.

The frequency of the meetings must be increased in times of change, such as the introduction of a new certification programme, times of crisis or poor customer satisfaction results.

Aim of the Management Review

The aim of the Review is to assess the QM System for:

  • Adequacy or sufficiency.
  • Suitability to purpose.
  • Effectiveness or ability to do the job right.

Preparation for the Review

The following information should be prepared for the Review:

  • The Results from the previous Review
  • Customer Satisfaction Results
  • Process results i.e. Process Assessment Results or Process Audit results
  • Product Results, i.e. Conformance at outgoing control, Returns or field results
  • Key Indicator Results (Balanced Scorecard Indices)
  • Internal Corrective Action Information; amounts of actions necessary, root causes, costs involved, etc.
  • Any Training needs.
  • Any reports indicating a need to change strategy or plan of action
  • Information on events that have or may affect the Quality Management System
  • Consider adding summaries of Lessons Learned in the period prior to this Review.

List of Management Review Topics / Agenda

This is a list of topics for the meeting, which we ask you to adapt according to your companies own needs. Be aware that these are the bare minimum and should really be expanded upon.


A.1. Management System Progress

A.2. QMS Policy Modifications

A.3. QMS Objectives and Targets


B.1. Results of Audits, Internal and External

B.2. Communication from External Stakeholders, Including Complaints from Customers

B.3. Summary of Process Performance / Product Conformance Results

B.4. Summary of Preventive and Corrective Actions

B.5. Follow-up actions from previous Management Reviews

B.6. Personnel Issues: Changes in staff, training needs, etc.

B.7. Changes or Events That Could Affect this Management System

B.8 Recommendations for Improvement


C.1. Continuous Improvement Issues for this Management System:

C.2. Changes in Resources

C.3. New QMS Objectives for the coming year

Free PDF Template for a Review Presentation:

Thumb_Template for a Quality Management Review Meeting

Template for a Quality Management Review Presentation 

Do send us a quick mail if you would like to have the powerpoint version - for free of course! 

Tips on Doing Powerpoint Presentations

I really enjoyed this video on Powerpoint presentation, called

Life After Death by Powerpoint 2010

by Don McMillan

Enjoy it! 

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