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We provide Online and Offline (local) training packages to small & medium-sized businesses. 

Our focus is on the areas of

- Quality Management (Basics, QM Tools & Methods, Preparation for certification, etc.)

- Business Process Management (Mapping, Process assessments, Reviews, etc.)

- Problem Solving (Methods, Being creative in Problem-solving, Decision-making, generating ideas)

We provide online Elearning as well as Personalized Training / Coaching within your business. 

You can contact us using our Email page - or using any of the Social Media listed at the top.

Our Vision:

We want to be the go-to people who support you in Business Process Management, Problem Solving Techniques, Quality Management & Knowledge Management techniques, and who are making a difference in enabling you to meet your business objectives.

Our Mission is:

To provide you the best consulting services, to help you to deploy Process or Quality Management into your company and to improve your products, your services and your processes with your people, for your highest value.

Our Coaching Services:

• Optimization of Business Process Management

• Optimization of Quality Management Approach

• Skills Training such as Concept Visualization, Problem-solving Techniques

• Development of a Knowledge Management Approach

• All the above will include Training, Project Management and Coaching.

Our Coaching Offer:

We can offer highly competitive rates backed by great expertise.

Contact Us with the overview of the project where you would like our support and we will give you our quote within 3 days.

Company History

Business Online Learning came online for the first time on November 22nd, 2011.

It reflects the business areas of expertise of Martha Begley Schade, the founder.

Martha put her B.Sc. and MBA to good use in International business, based in Ireland and in Germany mainly. She has worked for large and small organisations, in Production Management, Quality Management and Business Excellence.

She also certified companies to ISO9000 Quality Standards for Lloyds, right around Europe.

For Siemens AG, Bosch GmbH, Infineon AG and Qimonda AG, she worked as a System Developer as well as trainer. She developed the Global Supplier approach for Siemens as well as the Global Training and Learning policy for Infineon. Business Process Management, Knowledge Management, Self Assessments, Process Audits, FMEAs are further areas of her expertise.

Her qualifications reach further into such areas as Supplier Auditor, EFQM Assessor, Green Belt in Six Sigma, Certificate in Business Coaching as well as Web author.

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