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Need Highly Recommended Business Books? 

Ever known this? You sit down to read a good book. Finally everything has been cleared. You finally have that peace and quiet. And the book is dreadful?

This happened to me. The book ended up in the bin, my money that I paid for it, in the process – and business books don’t usually come cheaply.

So, I decided to ask some of the experts in my LinkedIn groups for their recommendations and here they are......

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On this Page, we went to more detail, researching the background of the most recommended book. 

Booklist of Highly Recommended Books For Business

Top Of The List

The Goal


Eliyahu Goldratt

This book was recommended by at least 20% of the experts.

I have researched and found the following information for you:

Alex Rogo is facing the greatest challenges of his life. The situation has reached crisis point at the plant, and things have been rough at home for as long as he can remember. All the usual business indicators are pointing the wrong way. A chance meeting with his old physics teacher, Jonah, is about to change Alex’s life. With guidance from Jonah, his family, and a dash of common sense, Alex and his team uncover the fundamental principles of the Theory of Constraints. Flying in the face of traditional thinking, cost accounting, and accepted procedure and policy, they put the principles into practice to turn the crisis into an unprecedented success.

In this amazing novel you will uncover hidden secrets about yourself and your business as you share in this three-month journey from crisis to triumph. The story revolves around saving a manufacturing plant, but the principles used to save it apply to every industry and every kind of business. You will discover what The Goal really is for any business, including yours. You will challenge the accepted measurements and assumptions that have been lying to managers and business leaders for decades. You will learn new measurements, new assumptions and new thinking that – whilst seeming completely wrong to the old system – will bring your company more real success and real productivity than ever before.

You will finally have a clear and accurate picture of your business: whether it is really productive, whether it is really improving, and what to do to turn it around if it’s not. Because these principles are presented in a story, a novel, you will automatically start to look at things differently. The journey guides you through your own deductive processes, allows you to prove the theories to yourself, and then draw your own conclusions. Before you know it, you may find your own business – and your life – experiencing just as profound an improvement.

Source: http://www.toc-lean.com/Goal_Overview.htm

What Experts Said To Me About The Goal

This is what some of the experts told me about the Goal:

  • The Goal. Taught me about the theory of constraints and that the entire system can only go as fast as the slowest link.
  • The books I now think has to be mentioned also here, as a must be for a person dealing with quality, organizations, improvements, etc. are those that sustain the idea that change starts with yourself, that in order other people change, it has to be you the first who should do things differently and that the main way of influencing others is that you do the right thing in the right way based on the right principle. Maybe that's why I liked "The Goal" for what is written in the rows and also between the rows.
  • "The Goal" by Goldratt really good concepts and so easy to read.
  • "The Goal" (Goldratt) has been the most influential. The Goal led me to Six Sigma, process analysis including, for public sector and administrative processes.

Who was Eliyahu Goldratt? 

The Author Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt was born in1947 and lived only until he was 64 years old. Born in Israel into a rabbinic family, the son of Avraham-Yehuda Goldrat, Goldratt went on to become a physicist. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Tel Aviv University, and his Masters of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees from Bar-Ilan University.

He became a business management guru and was the originator of the Optimized Production Technique, the Theory of Constraints (TOC), the Thinking Processes, Drum-Buffer-Rope, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and other TOC derived tools.

What is the Theory Of Constraints?

I found the following video on Youtube where he talks about the Theory of Constraints to be awe-inspiring. It brings a lot of the techniques mentioned here on our website (such as Systems Diagrams, Cause and Effect analysis) into life.

His way of thinking, especially with his Viable Vision provided a lightbulb moment for me personally! 

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