Communication Time Management 

A Meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.                                                James T Kirk.

Use Technology More For Communication Time Management

Use Technology To Its Fullest Advantage

As mentioned in the last section, if a face-to-face meeting is not meeting any specific objective, consider others ways of dealing with matters.

See Types of communication medium.

There are many ways to communicate nowadays using technology. In the Information flow, you must take “noise” into consideration. This is the effect on the message that the means of communication that you chose will have.

Modern voice communications (telephones or beepers) offer a variety of ways to contact people rapidly, but have the downside of often interrupting.

Smartphones are bringing whole new industries in to being, with year on year massive growth rates in “apps” “mobile learning” “Facetime” “Social Media Platforms” as well as bringing new words into being “Tweeting”, “Pinning”, “Ehow it” “Googlisms” “Skyping”, etc.

Some of Social Platforms are now creating problems for the established telephone providers by providing at zero costs free worldwide video calls.

Via the Internet, you will have a host of providers of ways to communicate. Emails being the most common. See Effective Email communication.

Voip: Voice over the Internet telephone also expands the possibilities of communicating over the internet. With increases in Fibre Optic Cabling, the data bitrate is beyond anything we could ever have imagined just a few short years ago.

The aim in Communication Time management is to decide on systems that will function well for you. Noting too that you need to ensure that all those you wish to communicate with, can also work these systems.

Through the increase in media forms, there are

  • Increased possibilities of exchanging all types of information (video, voice, presentations, etc.)
  •  Increased opportunities of allowing many people in different places access to the same information simultaneously
  • Sending written material rapidly from one place to another
  • Conferencing or telecons as they are better known.

Recently, in LinkedIn

In Linked In recently there was a posting by an acquaintance of mine, who listed the supports possible for a design and Construction Engineer in the field using tablets:

You should be able to do all of these while walking around a construction site:

  1. Upload drawings, specs & BIM models.
  2. Call up documents for a specific location
  3. Annotate the found documents
  4. Photograph existing conditions
  5. Combine marked up documents with photos + instructions
  6. Assign the resulting action and email it from the spot 
  7. Capture all of the above automatically in a web-based database
  8. Capture responses and subsequent posts automatically to the database
  9. Source any necessary information, be it materials attributes / characteristics, legal requirements, environmental regulations and how to's. (Know-how)



So, befriend technology and use it wisely to save your precious time.

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