Quality Management Training

This Quality Management Training will cover the areas of

        1.       What is Quality Management

        2.       Quality Management Concepts

        3.       Quality Management Certification

        4.    Certification of Quality Management Systems

        5.       Quality Management Policy

        6.       Quality Management System Manual

        7.       Quality Management Review

        8.       Quality Management Tools

        9.       Supplier Quality Engineering

        10.  Quality Management Survival


Objectives Of This Training

  • To gain an insight into the whole concept of Quality Management and Quality Assurance
  • To create a springboard from which you can delve deeper into individual topics
  • To give a holistic explanation of what Quality Management is about.

The aims of this training include:

  • To give an understanding of the framework of Quality Management and the systems belonging to it.
  • To de-mystify areas of Quality Management.
  • To portray the information simply so that people from all areas and all functions can work well with the topic of Quality after completing this Training.

How to do the Training

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