What Is My Learning Style? 

Knowing and Understanding Your Personal Learning Style

What is my learning style is not a typical question - but a highly interesting one. You see, when you understand the importance of Learning Style, you will improve your learning and done right, the learning of your trainees, employees or colleagues.

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What Is My Learning Style?

People can learn in variety of ways, like hearing, seeing, hearing, and through touch i.e. hands-on experience.

We all learn in all these ways but have preferred styles in which the learning takes place the easiest.

Accordingly we can perform better once we know our preferred style.

Simply said, some people remember best what they have heard, others what they have seen and there are those who need to try it out for themselves before they understand the topic. 

When you are responsible for the learning of an employee these points are worth remembering. Each employee will have their own preferred style of learning and they will learn more effectively if you take their learning style into consideration. 

Types of Learning Style

  • Auditory Learning Style
  • Visual Learning Style
  • Kinesthetic Learning Style 

For example, a visual-learner will progress faster when offered visual aids such as picture boards, colourful displays or diagrams. 

How can You Determine Your Learning Style? 

When you are asking yourself "What is my learning Style?" use the following characteristics and traits to see which style or styles are most familiar to you and are the ways you can learn better.

The Characteristics of The Auditory Learning Style

People with the Auditory learning Style are those who learn most effectively using their hearing. 

An auditory learner is someone who:

• Follows spoken directions well.
• Likes to read to self out loud.
• Is good in group work.
• Is not afraid to speak out in a group.
• Likes oral reporting
• Can't keep quiet for long periods.
• Is good at explaining.
• Enjoys discussions.
• Remembers names.
• Notices sound effects in movies.
• Enjoys music.
• Reads slowly.
• Is good at grammar and foreign language.

Auditory Learners Can Learn Best with:
• Using word association to remember facts and lines.
• Recording the training.
• Watching videos.
• Repeating facts out loud with eyes closed.
• Taking part in group discussions.
• Using audiotapes / CDs / MP3 Files.
• Taping notes after writing them.

Worst Activity Type:
Reading passages and writing answers about them in a timed test.
Best Activity Type:
While Auditory Learners are good at writing responses to training they have heard, they are better at oral questioning.

The Characteristics of The Visual Learning Style

People with the Visual Learning Style are those who learn best by seeing. Check out these characteristics to see if they sound familiar.

A visual learner:

• While good at spelling they will forget titles, terms or names.
• They have to think before understanding the training content.
• Needs quiet reflective time.
• Is good at spelling.
• Dreams in colour.
• Works well with charts and symbols. 
• Likes colours & fashion.

Suggestions for the Visual Learning Style
• Take notes, make lists.
• Draw maps of the sequence of events or draw out the process involved.
• Use flashcards.
• Make outlines of everything!
• Use diagrams.
• Outline reading.
• Use highlighters, circle words, underline.
• Diagram sentences!
• Watch videos.
• Colour code words

Best Activity Type for Visual Learning Style:
Diagramming, Mind Maps, Essays, Case Studies, Process Maps

Worst Activity Type:
Listen and respond tests, such as interview techniques.

The Characteristics of The Kinesthetic Learning Style

Those who have the Kinesthetic Learning Style are those who learn by using their senses of touch and feel. They will learn through experiencing/doing things. 

A Kinesthetic Learner is someone who:

• Is fidgety during training
• Can be good at sports, i.e. martial arts, dance.
• Can't sit still for long. Needs activity.
• May not be great at spelling.
• May not have great handwriting.
• Likes laboratory work.
• Likes adventure books, movies.
• Takes breaks when studying.
• Builds models.
• Like feeling surfaces and making things move.

Kinesthetic Learning Style Can Benefit from:

• Using flash cards to memorize.
• Learning in short blocks.
• Using memory games.
• Taking training in laboratory work.
• Role playing.
• Activity based learning such as going on field trips, hands on practical work, etc.
• Studying with others.What Is My Learning Style? 

Worst Activity Type:
Long tests, essays.
Best Activity Type:
Multiple Choice, Practical work, Short definitions and Fill-ins.

Quote on Learning By Mortimer Adler

I hope that this article has helped you in clarifying the question "what is my learning style?". Why not let us know? 

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