10 Easy Steps To Motivating Personnel

10 Steps To Motivating Personnel

The Job of motivating personnel is a difficult one and is made harder by your environment or the place you work. Here are 10 steps to get you on the right track and get people motivated to work with you.

The 10 Steps

  1. Set down reachable - but demanding- goals.
  2. Always give feedback on people’s performance.
  3. Build up expectations in the others that with the right behavior and the achievement of outputs, they will receive rewards. Equally, should they not achieve the results, penalties will occur.
  4. Organize the task so that it suits the capabilities of the other. There is nothing as motivating as accomplishment or meeting and overcoming challenges. Design the task allowing them to express and use their abilities to their best levels: expanding them and their roles in the business.
  5. Pay appropriately or ensure that appropriate financial rewards are offered when goals are achieved.
  6. You can make much use of non-financial rewards such as public recognition, praise, “employee-of-the-month”. Emphasize recognition and praise for work well done.
  7. Communicate to individuals and publicly show recognition between the performance and the reward. In this way others will be motivated to work with you when they see that good work is being recognized. By making it public, you are increasing others expectations that they too will be rewarded if they work well to reach the outcomes you wish.
  8. Pick your team leaders well. Make sure they are capable of motivating their team. (See Cognitive Learning Style for more on that matter).
  9. Enable people to reach their potential. Give them the training and the opportunities to become competent in the areas they have trained it. Studies have shown that people prefer a challenging job far more than a boring one. 
  10. Take people’s careers seriously and help them to develop along the lines to make them achieve their goals.


Ideas On Non-Financial Rewards


Handwritten note, engraved trophies

Gifts and privileges         

Holidays, sports facilities, merchandise

Special Events   

Weekends away, parties, theatre trips

Professional training       

On or Off site courses

Self Development 

Personal, non vocational training


Ipad, mobile phone, new desk


These can stimulate, relax, bond and motivate staff as they can be of high motivational values.

This way your business will gain a qualified employee, who feels valued.

Effective and focused training can enhance self-image – also raising the personnel performance levels at work.

Quote on giving people opportunities by Doris Lessing

Ideas On Financial Rewards

Salary Increases 

Increase in basic rate of pay

Commission and bonuses            

Once off payments linked to reaching specified targets.

Performance-related pay.

Regular wage increases based on target-linked performance.

Shares or Stock options                 

Gifts of shares or the chance to buy shares at a reduced rate.

Family Health Benefits

Support in paying for or subsidizing private healthcare.

Advantages of actively Motivating Personnel

Money is a powerful motivator but the impact may wear off fairly quickly. Monetary rewards will increase motivation and job satisfaction.

Tax incentives can end up leading to many improvements in the take home pay so this should be considered.

By investing in the employees’ healthcare you will also enable healthier staff.

Shares and stock options will encourage a long term sense of loyalty and interest in the business as a whole.

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