Setting Time Management Goals

The aim of setting time management goals is to    

Get The Big Picture. 

You have an excellent start when you develop

Your Own Personal Strategy Plan

You may also look into the concept of having a 5 year plan, answering the question

“Where do I want to be 5 Years from now?”

Time Management Goals

After all, how do you know what to do now if you don't know which direction you are headed? 

Start with your big picture and then, break it down to more manageable parts. This means breaking down your 5 year plan to annual plans. From these you break down into Quarterly plans, which in turn have monthly and then weekly plans. 

Sounds painful? Certainly does and that is why you probably have never done this before. But once tried, you will be amazed at how much you will achieve. It's clear - once you have your direction and an idea of the steps you need to take to get there - the greater the chances of you reaching your goal. 

Still not convinced? Keep reading and take on the challenge for one month only. Use the following to write down your goals for one month only.... 

Writing Goals

When writing your goals, make them SMART.


M = Measurable

A = Achievable

R = Relevant

T = Timed (Stating the time-frame)

But that shouldn’t stop you from “Thinking Big”; Miracles do happen!

This Year's Plan

The next is to focus in on this year’s plan. What are the goals you would like to achieve at work or with the work you do?

Do these goals include, for example:

  • Change of responsibilities
  • Change of projects
  • Change in surroundings
  • Introduction of some new concept
  • Change in staff
  • Further education / re-training
  • Personal goals

Carry out a simple Gap Analysis to compare where you are now to where you want to get to so that you end up with a list of things that need to be done so you can meet your goals.

Decide, in concrete terms how exactly you are going to manage these lists of items.

This is the Big Picture; the framework to which all what you do with focus on, for example how you set your priorities, how you decide if something is important or not, what must be added into your quarterly plan, your monthly plan, your weekly plan and then, the daily plan.

Time Management Goals

A very important part of time management is the ability to set yourself goals. See how in this time management tutorial.

Goals are easier to achieve the better they are defined! You may be helped by watching this short video on problem definition. The basic ideas can be the same. 

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