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Ebook on 8D Problem Solving Process

8D Problem Solving Process

See what people have been saying about this book and for more information:

 Detailed Description

Price: $9.97 USD

Guidebook How to write a business Introduction Letter

Guidebook: Formal Letters To Potential Customers Introducing Your Business

Having trouble formulating a good letter that introduces your business to potential customers? This step-by-step guide will help you get a really professional letter prepared. 

Detailed Description

Price: $8.97 USD

Training Courses:

Study Skills Training

What Are Good Study Skills?

This course gives you the skills and techniques you need to learn well. Structured in 7 bite-sized modules, it makes your learning of study skills entirely flexible and manageable. 

Price: 15 E

Detailed Description

Business Plan Training Postcard

How To Write Your Business Plan

This training is aimed to help you write that successful Business plan. (Business Plan Template is included)

As a Bonus, we have added a training "How to do Your Cash Flow Budget" and a template to go with it! 

Price: 24.95 E

Detailed Description

Introduction to Quality Concepts

This online training with certificate will allow you to easily train in all the basics of Quality Management. 
This is very suitable for those starting out in Quality Management and those who need to train staff in Quality. 

Price: 69.95E  *         

 Detailed Description

Limited Time Offer



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* Group Discounts available - up to 50%, depending on the size of your group.

CATWOE Training Video

CATWOE Analysis

The CATWOE Analysis is used to analyse the situation in any business scenario.

Price: $2.99 USD

Detailed Description

GAP analysis Training Video

The GAP Analysis

Price: $2.99 USD

Detailed Description:

Our Free Creativity Course

Free 4 Week Creativity Course

With videos and Reference Materials, you will definitely gain new and interesting insights to work more creatively! One session per week that will arrive per Email. 

Price: $0.00 USD

Detailed Description

Process Mapping Training

Basics of Mapping a Process. Simple. Handy.

This Training Video is freely available on Youtube. Follow the link to go to our channel. 

Price: $0.00 USD

Detailed Description

Write A Mission Statement? Here's How..

Price: $0.00 USD

Business Fashion for Women: 
Tips & Advice on Professional Dress code for women

Price: $0.00 USD

How to Write A Problem Statement
- and get halfway to your solution

Price: $0.00 USD

Useful Free Downloads And Resources:

Management Skills Assessment

Check out this Free Management Skills Assessment to see the areas that you can develop the management skills that you have. 

Really well worth it!! 

Click on the photos or HERE.

8D Problem-Solving Corrective Action Plan

Get a free template for an 8D report. Click HERE.

Preliminary Problem-Solving Questions

Useful set of questions starting out on any Problem-solving Activity or Programme.

Check it out HERE

Your Personal Strategy Plan

Your Personal Strategy Plan

Unsure of where you are at? At a crossroads? 

Discover new powerful opportunities by developing your own Strategy Plan. 

For a free plan and guidelines. Click HERE

Process Mapping Symbols

Process Mapping Symbols

For a FREE Download of the Symbols used in Process Mapping, check HERE

Quality Management Review Template

Template For The Quality Management Review

This template is in PDF Form. 

Should you not be able to convert it to Powerpoint, please contact us and we will send you the Powerpoint version. 

For more on the Quality Management Review, check here 

Competitor Analysis Template

Free Template for Competitor Analysis

For more information on how to use this template go to  our set of instructions. 

Highly Recommended Business Books

Highly Recommended Business Books

We carried out a survey on LinkedIn with professional in various groups. There we asked them about the business books they had read that they found to be "Must-Reads". 

Here are the results: 

Highly Recommended Booklist

One Book was so widely recommended we researched it and put together the following for you: 

Most Highly Recommended Business Book from all the groups

Please note that we have prepared the link to purchasing these books on Amazon. Should you buy through these lists we will be rewarded with a minimum fee of 4% by Amazon for sending on potential buyers to keep our website going. We do not see any of your data whatsoever. You also do not pay anything for this service. 

We have started to read these books ourselves - and they are really well worth the read. 

Check them out...you'll be glad you did! 

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We are accessible through many ways. For all methods, go to our community page to find out! 

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