Here's How To Best Describe The Problem Using the 8D Method!

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Step D2: Describing the 8D Problem

8D Method Step 2 How best to describe the 8D problem

In this section of the 8d method of problem solving we look at the probably the most difficult aspect of the whole 8D Process: the Problem Description.

As Ishikawa said; you will have a problem half solved by defining it or describing correctly on the first day. So this step is really important for later successful outcome. 

The aim of this step: To clearly and accurately formulate the problem description.

The intended outcome: Complete description of the issue at hand. 

Use representative analysis to define as accurately as possible the issue that the internal or external customer has.

Get to the core of the matter and quantify it. 

Collect data and information: analyse using statistical methods and root cause analysis methods such as: 

Are the boundaries of the problem clear? For example, where is the issue occuring and where is it not occuring? When is this an issue? When is this not an issue? For more on boundary examination and relaxation, check out our pages :

Boundary Examination Technique 

Boundary Relaxation approach

Once you have reached an excellent description, go through the following checklist to see that all that is possible is done to ensure that this step is done successfully, you will be glad you did. 

Checklist Step 2 of 8d Report 

  • Is the problem accurately described (quality improvement measure, return from customer, safety issues, productivity issues)?
  • Which customer(s) have been affected?
  • Where did the problem occur?
  • Are all sources of information on the problem available and are they clear? 
  • Was the problem known previously – perhaps in a slightly different manner? 
  • Is the team constellation still the right one for this task? 

Now fill out the third part of the form: 

This is the third section of our form. If you need a template for your 8D report, check out our Business Training resources page where we have provided you with one, for free.

8D Method of Defining and describing the problem. Step 2 of 8d Method.

This section of the 8d method is to document the Problem Description. This section will be the one that sets the track for later problem solving activities. 

My advice is not to rush through this stage.

Take your time as you might highlight possible root causes in the process of describing the problem!

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