Some Excellent
Time Management Hints 

One of the best time management hints for any manager has to be: 

Time Taken To Delegate Is Never Wasted

Excellent Time Management Hints

As a manager, you will have to think about what you want to achieve and then, what resources you could possibly use. Sometimes giving over the responsibility to get things done is another way of managing. This is called the Leverage of Resources.

The ways to leverage resources are:

  • To delegate out work to others giving very clear objectives
  • Empower others by training-in in the area you wish them to do
  • Source experts and people with the know-how to cover any gaps in skill or knowledge
  • Completely outsource non-core tasks to others with the experience to do them effectively  
  • Take a look at your to-do list and consider what you can pass on to someone else

Done well, the time and money that you invest in delegating out work will be very well spent. Remember that you will have to plan to invest more time at the start in order to reap the benefits long-term.

Note 1:

If you are not able to delegate successfully, you simply will never be able to get more work done that what you personally can do. Your career will end in your present position, as success will be harder to reach.

Note 2:

Remember, in order to leverage your resources you will have to invest time and resources. If you don’t make these investments, you will stay in your old tracks, limiting your possibilities to what you can achieve by yourself.

Keep Track Of How You Use Your Time

Keep track of how you use your time.Take five minutes after each call and activity to determine whether your desired result was achieved. If not, what was missing? How do you put what's missing in your next call or activity?

Instead of devoting a lot of hours one day, and none the other and then a few on another day and so on, allocate a specific time period each day of the week for that task.


Hold firm with your dedication. Set clean goals with your time allocation, simply set the habit of routine. Apply this time management skills to your tasks and your projects, you will be on your way to getting things done – and on the path of success.


Work on improving your time management skills in small increments, not all at once. You first develop a habit, then the habit does the job for you.

Time Management Analysis

Use self discipline to explore time management

Time management can become an overwhelming task.
When you do not have control over your own self, how can you control time?
Begin with task-oriented self-discipline and build from there.

As you control tasks, you build self-discipline.
As you build self-discipline, you build time management.
As you build time management, you build self-confidence.

If you want to carry out a time management analysis, try maintaining a Time Management log book.

Record the start and end times of the tasks.

Review for feedback on your progress

This log book can be a valuable tool to get a better picture over your activities in order to better adapt your approach.

You will have the opportunity to realize what is important and not important and where your downfall is in keeping to your new style.

Keep track also of any time management hints you find work best for you (as a simple reminder).

Improving Time Management

Be on the alert for ways to improve your management of time. Use the concept of leverage.

As time shows certain improvements have become a habit, move on to increase your expectations on yourself. Ask yourself, how much further you can push your goals. Don’t forget the concept of leveraging your resources. Expand your network of skilled and experts in your close circles. Look for opportunities for synergies and for possibilities of leveraging the talents of those you know. Working with others, you will be able to reach far more than if you were to go alone.  


Make tomorrow’s action plan before today ends. 

Take all those items you have not accomplished on that day and place it on tomorrow’s list. This way, when you arrive into work in the morning, you will always have a ready list available to get started into.


Associate a new habit with an old one:

I love this time management hint because it really does work for me.  If you drink coffee, make that first cup the time to write out and prioritize your tasks.

Make Your Progress Visual

On a pin-board or a spreadsheet in your office, mark your achievement of goals. Check off days where you were successful in your new approaches.

Should you break your routine – don’t worry, start again.

But do keep up the visuals as they are a ready reinforcement of progress.

Finally, Role Models

Observe people in your life and find the ones you would like to aspire to.

See to what extent self discipline and habits help them accomplish goals. If you can, ask them for advice on what works and  what doesn’t.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Time Management Hints.

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