Total Quality Management Training

Thank you for joining us on our short Total Quality Management Training. We have six pages in which we will cover the main aspects of TQM (Total Quality Management).  Only with better information can you ever make an informed decision - so I hope the information that you find here will help you to introduce or improve the TQM in your business. 

Let us start with understanding what TQM is:

Total Quality Management is a holistic methodology focused on managing Quality in an organisation.

Evolution of Quality towards TQM

This diagram nicely displays the change over time in the approaches to quality. Equally the Concerns of each stage developed. Here are the core focal points of each stage.


  • To salvage
  • Sorting, grading, reblending
  • Corrective Actions
  • Identify Sources of Non-conformance

Quality Control:

  • Develop Quality Manual
  • Self-Inspection
  • Product Testing
  • Basic Quality Planning
  • Use of Basic Statistics
  • Paperwork Controls

Quality Assurance

  • Advanced Quality Planning
  • Quality Systems Development
  • Focus on Design
  • Quality Costs
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control

Total Quality Management

  • Policy Deployment
  • Involve Suppliers and Customers
  • Involve all operations
  • Process Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Teamwork
  • Employee involvement and development

Source: Dale (1994) 

Total Quality Management Training Steps

Total Quality Management requires that the principles of Quality Management be applied in every section, level and function of an organisation.

It is very much a company-wide approach, with continual improvements being implemented by everyone in the organisation.

The emphasis towards Quality should pervade every person, activity and function. This in turn requires a broadening of outlook, of skills available and an increase in creative activities such as problem solving methods, decision making, conceptual etc., far beyond what is required to manage a Quality Assurance System.

This training is to help you understand how to do this. 

For Whom is this Training Intended?

  • For those involved in TQM or those who want to learn more about the topic

  • For Managers or directors who have the responsibility of implementing TQM in their Organisation

Objectives Of This Training

  • To Provide working concepts of the Total Quality Management Model

  • To provide ways in which TQM can be implemented

  • To provide support to those who want to facilitate change in their organisation

Structure Of This Training

This training consists of the following pages:

What is Total Quality Management?

1. What Is TQM?

TQM Process

2. TQM Process

THe Philosophers behind TQM

3. The Philosophy of TQM

Tools and Techniques for TQM

4. TQM Tools & Techniques

Total Quality Management Culture

5. TQM Culture

Total Quality Management Pitfalls

6.TQM Pitfalls

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