Management Skills Assessment

Management Skills Assessment

This page concerns a Management Skills Assessment that you can carry out on your own Management Skills. The assessment is based on 11 qualities or attributes that were found to be characteristic of successful and effective managers.

1.    Command of basic facts

2.       Relevant Professional knowledge

3.       Continuing sensitivity to events

4.       Analytical, problem-solving, decision / judgement-making skills

5.       Social skills and abilities

6.       Emotional resilience

7.       Pro-activity – inclination to respond purposefully to events

8.       Creativity

9.       Mental agility

10.   Balanced learning habits and skills

11.   Self-knowledge

Many of these attributes are indeed interconnected. Once you have one, it is likely to contribute to your having the other as well.

Completing the Management Skills Assessment

There are 110 statements in this assessment, each of them describing different scenarios and feelings you may have at work. Work your way through them, evaluating where you feel you are.

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Management Skills Assessment Form

Scoring System

The idea with this Management Skills Assessment is to rate how the question applies to you.

A = Use A when you feel that this statement is definitely not true or you strongly disagree with the statement; you never behave or feel this way.

B = Use B if you feel that this statement is sometimes true of you, or you partly agree with it; you sometimes behave or feel this way

C = Use C if you find that the statement is generally true of you; you definitely agree with the statement or you quite often behave or feel in this way.

D = Use D if you think that you strongly agree with the statement; you usually or always behave or feel this way.

Once you have completed, the ratings, go to the second page of the excel file to evaluate your results.

Final Results

You will see the above 11 attributes or skills in Sheet 3. The scoring you will have given yourself will show relative areas of strengths and weaknesses. You now know how you perceive your management skills.

I must note at this point that I once carried out a similar assessment of myself. I set up a questionnaire and rated myself. I then went to friends and colleagues and asked them to rate me. That was a leap of courage I have to say.

The outcome amazed me. Where I perceived my strengths to be, others didn’t. Where I perceived myself to be a nerd, others felt I was very strong! All told, other people had a far higher opinion of me that I had of myself! (Luckily!)

My point being that often how we perceive ourselves is not how others see us; worth thinking about!

Source of this Management Skills Assessment

The material for this Management Skills Assessment came from this excellent book called

“A Manager’s Guide to Self-Development”.

There is a lot of really excellent information in this book and it is worth every penny, cent or dime you may spend on it! We highly recommend it!


PS: You can purchase it via this link to Amazon. It would help us too to keep this website afloat. 

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