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The Definition Of Strategy

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By Unknown. Strategy Quote about Diligence.

Taken from the Oxford Dictionary: the definition of Strategy.

Age Old Quote on Leadership

Business Sense from Eleanor Roosevelt

Strategy Quote by Kenneth Andrews.

Strategy Quote by James Brian Quinn

Strategy Quote By Kenichi Ohmae

Strategy Quote by Sun Tzu

note; many of the best Strategy quotes came from the ancient Chinese Philosophers. 

Sun Tzu - The Art Of Strategy

Alfred Sloan's Quote On Strategy

Effective Strategists initially work out only a few integrating concepts, principles or philosophies that can help rationalize and guide the company’s overall actions. They proceed step by step from early generalities towards later specifics, clarifying the strategy as events both permit and dictate. In early stages, they consciously avoid over-precise statements that might impair the flexibility or imagination needed to exploit new information and opportunities.”

James Brian Quinn

Strategy Quote by John Scully

Did You Know

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Communication Quotes


Communication Quotes

Golden Rule By GB Shaw

This is the Quote On Brier's Law! Enjoy it!

Strategy Quote by Alfred Chandler

Sloan on Strategy Quote

Napolean's Quote on How to treat your enemy.

The quote from John Lennon about Life.

Insight from George Washington on Strategy

Strategy Quote by Albert Einstein

A Quote from the famous John Wayne.

Indira Gandhi quotes her Grandfather.

A beautiful Quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

Strategy Quotes from Henry Ford

Some of the most profound and well-loved quotes came from Henry Ford:

Henry Ford's quote on how to approach difficult tasks
Fords approach to life and work.
Another great Quote from Henry Ford
Henry Ford on the Industrialists
Taking off! Henry Fords Quote.
A Quote on Failure by Henry Ford
Henry Ford's advice on reputation building.
Henry Ford's quote on making mistakes.
Henry Ford's great comment on the strength of mind over matter.

Quote by Disraeli on Lies and Statistics

This is not quite one of the most suitable Quotes, but an amusing anecdote about Strategy all the same.

The Creation

In the beginning was the plan
And then came the assumptions
And the assumptions were without form
And the plan was completely without substance
And the darkness was upon the faces of the workers. 
And they spake unto their group heads, saying:
It is a crock of shit and it stinketh.

And the group heads went unto their section heads and sayeth:
it is a pail of dung, and none may abide the odour thereof.

And the section heads went into their Managers and sayeth unto him:
It is a container of excrement, and it is very strong, such that none can abide by it.”

And the Managers went unto their Directors and sayeth unto him: 
It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide its strength.”

And the Directors went unto their Vice President and sayeth:
It contains that which aids plant growth and is very strong

And the Vice President, went unto the President, and sayeth into him:
It promoteth growth and it is very powerful.

And the President went unto the Chairman and sayeth unto him:
This powerful new plan will actively promote the growth and efficiency of this company and this area in particular.

And the Chairman looked upon the plan, and saw that it was good

And the plan became policy.

Anonymous. Source: “Strategy Bites Back” by Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand, Joseph Lampel, 2005. Published by Pearson Education Limited. ISBN 0 273 693 468

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