How To Congratulate Your Team That Motivates!

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Step D8: Congratulate Your Team

8D Report Step D8 Congratulate Your Team

After finalizing all documentation, which I explained on an earlier page has the purpose of keeping the knowledge within your business, you and management must finish in style by showing your appreciation.

This knowledge you have gained in the 8d Process will possibly be invaluable at some later stage, besides, as mentioned often enough already, there is the legal aspect, so ensure that all decisions made, all test results, all signatures from the customer, verification test results, etc. are kept in one document storage place, preferably digital if at all possible. 

Consider making some of the findings public. Maximize the benefit from all the work done. 

Please give Feedback to each and every team member. If conflict arose during the process, make sure that this conflict has been sorted out. Have the team members congratulated each other and shown their appreciation of the efforts made.

One of the most important steps is that Management play their role in recognizing and showing their appreciation for the work done. Far too often, this stage doesn't take place and that is not exactly motivating for people going into an 8d process later on down the line. 

For Further Tips on Motivating Personnel, check the advice we give here. 

Checklist Step 7 of 8d Report 

  • Is all the documentation complete and in a presentable, understandable fashion stored in a retrievable place? In Paper-form or digitally? 
  • Are all possible after effects of any tension or conflict within the team solved?
  • Have the individual team members congratulated each other? 
  • Has the performance of each Team Member been recognized by Top Management?
  • Has there been a celebration? 

Now fill out the Final part of the form: 

This is the Final section of our form. This template for all 8d Steps is downloadable from our Resources page

Final Step of the 8D Report D8 Congratulate Your Team

This is the final and closing section of the report. The main two points in this section are to 

- document carefully for potential users at a later stage

- ensure recognition within and of the team of the effort that has gone into the work done. This is also extremely important for others watching who will be asked at a later stage to take part in a similar process. 

As with all other sections, the documentation of these details will potentially have legal implications, so it is important to keep that in mind.

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We wish you every success in your work

Best Wishes

Martha and the Business Online Learning Team!

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