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We are delighted to present to you today our Free Online Business Training

Free Online Course on Creative Problem Solving

Do you need to know more about what being a creative manager is - or what it means to include Creativity in your repertoire? 

Simply and at NO cost, enjoy this four week training course that will introduce you to the basics. 

Each week you will get one session - and you can stop them or repeat them as often as you want! How better can it get? 

Why Are We Giving You This Training For Free?

We are convinced that our training materials are among the very best there are - but we are only a small unknown company. 

So we thought up of this way to introduce you to us and to our work. If our material is as good as we think you will come back to us to see what else we have for you. 

It is all about trusting us and relying on us. 

We want you to ...............

Quote on Aim of Creativity Course

This will cover the basic introduction to the ideas of adding creativity to your work - regardless if you are a manager or not. 


So give it a go! 

There are 4 training sessions with lots of extra material to read up depending on how in depth you wish to go. 

Four Training Sessions

The four training sessions of this Free Online Business Training are sent to you, once a week per email. 

  • Session One: How To Be A More Creative Manager
  • Session Two: Relaxation Techniques used in Creativity
  • Session Three: An Excellent Technique in Creative Problem Solving
  • Session Four: Using Metaphors in Creative Techniques

An Excerpt from Our First Elearning Video

Infographic on Left Brain and Right Brain Characteristics

And If You Don't Like It? 

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And If You Like it? 

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What Others have said about this course: (So far)

"Your video is excellent. Very good, especially the beginning. Love your little creative graphics. Very, very good. An awful lot of work put in, it's really well produced."

Susanna Lambeck

"Excellent resource and well worth the few minutes to listen and learn..."

Edwina Delaney

"Honestly? I personally think it is really clear and gets to the point of thinking outside the box"

Susanna Lobina

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