Definition of Mobile Learning
Opening Up New Possibilities

So what is the definition of Mobile learning - this new and upcoming market?

  • Mobile Learning (mLearning) is the new trend in learning. It describes any learning done using a mobile or handheld device.
  • This market is expanding at incredible rates as Smartphones, tablets, and suchlike become common items in every household.

With Year-on-Year growth rates of 22% globally, it is a very enticing and lucrative market. 

What are the Advantages?

The advantages of mlearning are huge. Moving away from traditional means of learning, the possibilities with Smartphones, tablets etc allow for ease of access to knowledge and expertise that otherwise could have been out of reach.

What is considered M-Learning?

Typically short in nature, mlearning usually includes audio-visual files, enhanced podcasts, podcasts and apps. All of these lending themselves to quick and easy learning, carried out for example, while commuting or traveling; times were usually down-times or time wasted.

The studying takes place at the student's choice of time and at their own pace and because of this feeling of ownership, a student actually learns better!

The Future of Training

Moreover, this new trend of "quick-updating" breaks all previous traditional boundaries where someone else decided on your training needs and interests.

Mobile Learning will help to change the world and the way people learn. In the US, it is expected that by 2016 more people will be studying using such handheld devices than studying in the traditional classroom.

It removes the barriers for people wanting to learn and helps us all be more prepared to deal with the turbulence in our business and economic environments.

As time develops, technology with it - so will the definition of mobile learning with it. We are still in the Market Phase of Early adapters.

Our Promise

We here at Business Online Learning approve of this trend and our aim is to support you in getting the knowledge and training you want in order to do something better.

So, if you need a quick training in Quality, in Business Process Management, in Strategy, Concept mapping, Problem solving or similar, check out our training packages and make yourself an expert!

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